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uvex cleaning station 9970

  • Plastic eyewear cleaning station for wall mounting
  • Replaceable plastic pump
  • Easy to use: Simple eyewear cleaning process Increased safety through cleanliness Extends life of eyewear
  • Refillable with silicone-free cleaning tissues and uvex cleaning fluid

Technical Data

uvex cleaning station for easy cleaning of uvex safety eyewear

Easy to mount and fix at any kind of walls by screws

Silicon-free and antistatic paper suited for all kind of uvex safety coatings and tints

uvex cleaning fluid for easy and finger-print free cleaning of all lenses 

Cleaning station 9970.002 contains: 

2 x 9971.000 – uvex cleaning papers 

1 x 9972.100 – uvex cleaning fluid 

1 x 9973.100 - plastic pump

Measurements: 460 x 135 x 230 mm

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