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Chemical resistant yellow colour gives easy indication of product to use in an emergency
Top layer is made of a low lint, durable spun-bond polypropylene
Core/base layer is made from high loft meltblown fibres.
Low linting

Brand: Lubetech

Product Category: Absorbents

Product Type: Pad

Liquids Absorbed: Chemicals Only

Grade/Weight: Light Weight

Color/Colour: Yellow

Package Count: 100 or 200

Product Width (cm): 50

Product Length (cm/m): 40

Construction: Bonded

Bonded: Yes

Perforations: Yes

Absorbency (Ltr): 120

An economical choice for everyday spill situations of absorbing oil based fluids. Designed to repel water and absorb and retain only the hydrocarbon based fluids, such as engine oil, petrol, diesel and other petrochemicals.

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