Spill Containment

Spill Control’s products play a critical role in facility safety, cleanliness and compliance. Each of these product solutions can help prevent slips, trips and falls; meet OSHA and EPA guidelines; and be prepared when that spill does happen.

Sorbent Pads & Rolls: 

Meltblown polypropylene sorbent pads and rolls maximize surface area offering superior wicking and absorbency. Perfed to get the most out of your product, these items are available in a variety of constructions and weights.

  • Single ply meltblown for economical all-purpose use
  • Three-ply meltblown (fine fiber) for extra durability
  • “SM” or “SMS” featuring spundbond cover stocks for superior strength and wiping (no lint) applications

Specialty Sorbents: 

When your application requires greater flexibility, higher absorbency or a specific shape, these sorbents are ready for the job.

  • Socks
  • Pillows
  • Drum Top Covers

When shape and flexibility are not enough, these products feature alternate constructions and materials designed specifically for the task at hand or industry challenges.

  • Marine Sorbents
  • Lab & Cleanroom Sorbents
  • Absorbent Mats & Rugs including Rail Mat

Spill Kits: 

Spills happen... be prepared when they do. NPS Spill Control offers a number of spill kits in a variety of sizes, capacities and configurations. From small “Grab’n’Go” kits to large overpacks and spill carts, we’ll keep you in compliance and ready to go.

Wipers & Rags: 

We are all experiencing a raised awareness around cleaning which has significantly escalated demand. We offer a complete selection of wipers and rags including the Spilfyter Wiper Kit and our “workhorse” GT Series.

  • Scrim, Airlaid, DRC & Spunlace
  • Hydrospun, Meltblown, Wet Wipes & Food Service
  • New & Reclaimed Rags and Towels

Neutralizers & Classifiers: 

Safely identify spilled liquids. These color-changing liquid and powder neutralizers are essential with acid or base spills.

  • Classifier Strips & Kits
  • Liquid & Dry Acid Neutralizers
  • Base/Alkaline Neutralizers
  • Assorted Kits
  • Specialty Kits for Mercury, Battery Acid and Formaldehyde

Granular Absorbents: 

Looking for a granular alternative to clay (diatomacious earth)? Ask your NPS Spill Control sales representative for the option that best fits your operational requirements.

Secondary Containment & Stormwater Compliance: 

Through our strategic partnership with UltraTech, these products help you comply with SPCC and EPA container storage regulations and prevent the introduction of debris and contaminants in to the water system.

  • Spill Pallets
  • Drain Guards, Seals & Covers
  • Overpacks
  • Spill & Containment Berms