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Good value and reliable performance
Made from high quality polypropylene
The pad is made from a single layer of meltblown that is sonically bonded together
Easy-tear perforations let you take only what you need so you use less and save money
Bonded construction allows rapid absorbency

Brand: Lubetech

Product Category: Absorbents

Product Type: Pad

Liquids Absorbed: Maintenance

Grade/Weight: Light Weight

Color/Colour: Grey

Package Count: 100 or 200

Product Width (cm): 50

Product Length (cm/m): 40

Construction: Bonded

Bonded: Yes

Perforations: Yes

Absorbency (Ltr): 120

An economical choice for everyday spill situations of absorbing either water or oil based fluids. This is an excellent go-to-product for lighter duty indoor MRO tasks. Maintenance absorbents are most commonly but not exclusively used indoors.

Packaging Type: Box 100 or 200 Pads

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