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Ideal for spill response; pillow's large surface area speeds the absorption process and shortens the overall response time on land or water
White outer skin colour makes it easy to see when it's fully saturated so you save money by not throwing it away too soon
Works equally well on land or water; floats when fully saturated
Excellent fluid retention
Made from high quality polypropylene

Brand: Lubetech

Product Category: Socks, Pillows & Booms

Product Type: Pillow

Liquids Absorbed: Oil Only

Color/Colour: White

Package Count: 16

Absorbency (Ltr): 56

The pillows unique construction type lends itself to being used in virtually all Oil based sorbent tasks. Recommended for recovering oil based fluids on both water and land. Designed to repel water whilst absorbing and retaining only the hydrocarbon based fluids, such as engine oil, petrol, diesel and other petrochemicals.

Packaging Type: Plain Box

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